Home Samantha Cameron talks about the loss of 6-year-old not

Samantha Cameron talks about the loss of 6-year-old not

Samantha Cameron talks about losing her 6-year-old

Swedish have any idea what Donald Trump’s mean when he said,’You look at what is happening in Sweden’ Somalia Mogadishu car bomb: At least 16 people were killed Donald Trump seems to invent the Swedish terrorist attack during the Florida freeze speecg Donald Trump management fires a senior National Security Council assistant & apos;for criticizing the President& apos; Chinese shipments of a letter to Donald Trump with the North Korea coal Somalia suicide attack: Bomb kills 18 at crowded market in the Mogadishu Kim Jong-Nam’s murder: Malaysia line up four North Korea suspects Iraqi forces launch push to restore the West ISIS McCain guarantees Trump was to muzzle the press: ‘this is did tyrants start oven North Korean suspects fled Malaysia after the airport crime: Company

(why? )

posted on Sunday, February 19, 2017 20:48:09 +0000Secretary of Defense James matas is: ‘I don’t have any problems with the press’

Secretary of Defense James matas is says U. S. Air Force heavily involved in the process

Trump is attacking the media in the campaign a month’s journey in his Feb. 18, 2017, 3:43 P. M. Look at the President of Trump management and the rest of Washington:…
Los Angeles Times – Americas

Secretary of Defense James matas is interacts with Flynn’s resignation: ‘Frankly, this has no effect’

Secretary of Homeland Security *James Mattis* reaction to the resignation of the *Michael Flynn* say to reporters earlier today that he doesn’t really have a lot of…
Mediaite entertainment

Defense of Matt’s article is: I want to talk to the middle of the ring before any ground troops in Syria, Iraq

Secretary of Defense James matas is wants to talk with the middle of the Allies before considering whether to put ground troops into Syria and Iraq as part of the raised….

by and Matos is a commitment to NATO, a goal that we ask Europe to get further assistance

vice chairman Mike pence, Secretary of Defense James Mattis spoke at a security conference in Munich this week. It has reinforced the United States commitment to NATO.

Defense Minister Matisse is different with Trump’s statement that the press is the enemy

Washington-Secretary of Defense James matas is broke with President Donald Trump Sunday, saying reporters traveling with him that he does not think the newspaper…
Huffington Post – policy

Trump Defense Minister, unlike coach, says he has no problems with the media

United States Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis is on Sunday distanced himself from President Donald Trump’s assessment of the media as an “enemy of the American people, “…

Matisse is to decide soon on troop levels in Afghanistan

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — U. S. Secretary of Defense Jim he said he plan to make some decisions soon on whether to recommend an increase in the…
the Seattle times – first page


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