Home Circle Apparently Turns back on Bitcoin, the BTC advises users to sell before the Fork

Circle Apparently Turns back on Bitcoin, the BTC advises users to sell before the Fork

Circle Apparently Turns back on Bitcoin, the BTC advises users to sell before the Fork

Bitcoin circle, pivoting away from their business model some time ago. At the time, the people again turn their backs on bitcoin the company is proposed sooner or later. It seems that slowly passes an e-mail to all the users on the basis of cents platform. BTC Bitcoin holders advised the company that it be converted into cash in the case of a hard fork. Now, in a strange way it makes their position clear message of the company although rather the world.

new email all users has left some bitcoin enthusiasts out to cents a baffled Circle. Normal bitcoin hard fork it only addresses the situation in the company. If the event occurs, the consumer funds at risk until the network is quiet once more. Bitcoin owners should not broadcast such transactions, if and when such a hard fork occurs. Heck, most service providers simply deposits, withdrawals, and transfers during this period.

Circle Advises his Clients to Sell Bitcoin

Circle work to do something different to me than it seems to, though. E-mail later advises users to sell their bitcoin in exchange for Their money. A bitcoin fork to be more specific, people who do not want to be exposed to this type of action you need to take. This message can be interpreted as actively advising bitcoin users to get rid of the Circle completely. Also Their explanation is in fact incorrect, which only makes things even worse. It seems that the circle, to scare some people into selling their bitcoin to think about, but, it is difficult to know what they hope to achieve by doing so.

if it is true that a bitcoin hard fork a risk, and not all consequences are negative by default. Bitcoin holders should be aware that the best plan of action moving around during the transition, the fund noted a hard to the fork. The sale of bitcoin in exchange of money seems rather drastic step. Granted, it protects users from bitcoin volatility potential for the Crees. It also means that bitcoin users will need to buy it back later, potentially at a much higher value.

all things considered, this is very much unlike the circle to reach the customers in such a manner. Actively advising users to sell their bitcoin is a bit controversial. Then again, notice the circle for the time being prefers to be associated with bitcoin. Their e-mail will have no impact on the bitcoin, uncle Arif Shouts to go forward, however. Most holders of bitcoin are well aware of the danger associated with a hard fork. It is doubtful that many users sell coins before the split occurs.

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