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Amazon stop Diapers.com and other websites Quidsi

Amazon stop Diapers.com and other Quidsi sites

Amazon will be terminated Diapers.com and the other sites by its Quidsi division, has confirmed to the company, to Bloomberg today, citing the Department’s lack of efficiency is the reason for the decision. Quidsi acquisition by Amazon for 545 million dollars was announced back in november 2010, and the lighthouse Diapers.com the brand and the other is a two-word domains such as l’Soap.com and BeautyBar.com.

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According to Bloomberg, more than 260 employees will lose their jobs, Quidsi Jersey city is the seat of the after the judgment, but a part of these will apply in the situation, to other Amazon jobs, New Jersey Department of labor opinion said.

Amazon has confirmed the news of Quidsi, the judgment in a statement, saying that Quidsi was able to achieve profitability.

“We have worked very hard the last seven years, said that Quidsi, in order to be profitable, and unfortunately, we were not able to do that,” a spokesman of Amazon. “Quidsi has a great brand, know-how, and you are still in the selection of the offer on Amazon.com the teams of software development will focus on the technology of the construction for Amazon fresh.”

Amazon had more invested in Quidsi, the company in the course of the years after the acquisition, the introduction of new brands such as green grocer VineMarket.com, for example, and the various different pages to mobile devices, including the iPad.

There are some brands, which today is operated by the company, each focusing on a particular vertical than Wag.com for the article in the Pets, YoYo.com for toys and other.

Quidsi itself was originally started by Marc Lore, the>recently sold At Walmart, cart now at the top of the retailers, e-commerce transactions — an area of your business, was more and more acquisitions in the last months, and. The company opted for other online retailers, including ModClothMoosejawHayneedle – and ShoeBuy.

Amazon had initially grabbed the Quidsi eliminate the competition on the market, but the websites are now overlap with their core business — for example, Amazon has its own company to help new parents to save, diapers and other items for baby, Amazon-Familie (originally, Amazon-mom), in the competition for the same audience Diapers.com.

Amazon did not say when the Quidsi-closed locations, but it seems that customers have been notified.


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