Home Black energy systems minimum security Standards continue to be the main targets for cyber-attack

Black energy systems minimum security Standards continue to be the main targets for cyber-attack

Black energy systems minimum security Standards the main objectives for the cyber-attack

the assessment and mitigation of the cyber risk for critical infrastructure, Remain the ageing of the electricity network and gas pipelines, including minimum requirements in the field of security, and a challenging business due to the lack of digital systems on the whole line. These systems can be from disgruntled insiders, or random threats, criminals with financial motives, nation-States with a political agenda, or non-state actors with an ideological agenda. according to the former head of the National Security Agency general Keith Alexander electric grills, oil refineries and power plants are the largest targets for cyber attack.

for more on this topic, see: US-Energie-systems at the mercy of the cyber-attack, report warns

the report says on the new scientist website, among other things:

key digital systems should be separated from the main parts of the network less vulnerable to attacks by hackers, the report suggests.

in addition to incentives, regulations and penalties could contribute to the protection of critical infrastructures, but they will be useful only for the worst offenders, says Eric Johnson at the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. “While the scheme can have with the help of really bad penalties, incentives, companies, the greatest impact.”

another way to increase and improve the exchange of information between companies, Internet Security, latest threads, the report says. Golden sun Lakeview “cornerstone” initiatives for client management, says Raghav Rao at the University of Texas.

But the fixation of all critical systems that require the digital infrastructure is a Basis on their weaknesses coordinated long-term effort. “We have 25 years to be in this predicament. We’re not going to get out of it says overnight,” burner.

for more information and insights on how to assess the risk to critical infrastructure, including gas pipelines, electricity grids, oil refineries, power plants and other plants, please Cognitio Corp for an overview of the Cyber360 methodology.


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