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Tim Draper back to Tegos Cryptocurrency ICO

Tim Draper Cryptocurrency back to Tegos. ICO

Tim Draper a well-known name in Silicon Valley investor circles, has announced plans to take part in the first room, providing the feeling (ICO) for the first time. By doing so, you will not be deviating from conventional practices followed by the Draper investment many investors, putting their money in a business. Called a blockchain platform that Draper got ICO for those interested in the next Tegos.

The last days of Cryptocurrency technology and its applications are capturing the attention of all. The involvement of the number of platforms and the blockchain technology has played an important role in almost all the big names of the financial situation and current technology in the areas of activity and encourage people to start investing in the Crypto-industry. Some of their tech habits, and large-scale investors such as Tim Draper investing in a Shift and Bitcoin and its counterparts are influenced by the signs of the changing times.

Tim Draper Bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporters of the one who has been active in technology-based companies. He became well known in the cryptocurrency community of more than 30 000 bitcoins that belonged to Silk Road, after the purchase of a US Marshal Services during the auction.

The blockchain’s book New Vegas platform created by a dynamic Solutions Inc. run

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The News of the darkness.

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Bitfenix Friedman LLP will audit the company without solvent, or, If All of the

because of the time that it begins to take action regarding their ongoing issues with bitfinex. A lot of people claim that the exchange is insolvent. However, the company indicates that is not the case. Not their point, they are now in the process of hiring a third party to conduct a financial audit. That should hopefully put to rest the rumors, it is now that the intriguing turn of events.

a major Audit Of the balance sheet bitfinex

there has been a lot of questions about bitfinex credit in the last few months. The company has redeemed all outstanding tokens to the front of the BELT. However, in doing this, they knew that they could not process USD withdrawals. This development has caused a lot of speculation among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition, it is slowly turning into a public relations nightmare for a major exchange.

time something changes, it will be subject to a full financial audit of this thing, which is why Bitfenix. This will be conducted by Friedman LLP. The audit will take place in the coming weeks, with the publication of the results in June. The company wants to put the customers at ease by undergoing this audit and the shareholders. Given the number of rumors regarding the company’s potential insolvency, which seems like a smart movie.

Friedman LLP

(Read more … source: News USA

The News of the darkness.

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