Home Brazil is facing a crisis of the International Monetary Fund refers to the neo-liberal austerity

Brazil is facing a crisis of the International Monetary Fund refers to the neo-liberal austerity

Brazil is facing a crisis of the International Monetary Fund refers to the neo-liberal austerity

The International Monetary Fund, International Monetary Fund, urged Brazil in order to maintain the austerity measures in a report published Friday, a day after the scandal of the prey and is not affiliated with the President of the Republic Michel Temer rejection of diversity in the face of widespread strikes and demonstrations.

the Brazilians in the streets to demand Temer, of the new elections

The report called the “western hemisphere regional economic outlook,” urges Brazil to continue austerity adjustments during Temer is not appropriate for the President, saying that he expects the country to return to growth rates of 1.7 per cent in 2018.

“ambitious social security reform submitted to Congress, expected to be approved later this year… social security reform is necessary to ensure that the federal spending cap is viable that the pension system will be able to continue to support future generations of Brazilians. Explain the importance of this reform is the key to mitigate the” Don’t”, referring to the unpopular bill to “reform” social security.

the reform in question is to raise the social security retirement age to 65 years of age, to reduce pension benefits, increase social security contributions of civil servants and to terminate the rights of workers from the countryside, and let the most effective practices that you think the penalties for using slavery.

“setting the minimum duration of the wage indexation policy should be considered as well”, continues the document.

under Temer for the first time in 15 years, Brazil has not a real increase in the minimum wage for workers.

for many Brazilians, the States referred to in particular in the report to require an “adjustment”, including Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Dul, who “continue to face financial pressures.”

this session, report of the International Monetary Fund refers to “a durable solution” of “adjustment and reform”, including the amendments to the retirement pensions for state employees.

Brazilian anarchists and communists march against the “Temer fascist”

The International Monetary stresses the need to “reduce the political uncertainty in Brazil”, in order to continue the “reforms.”

Brazil is currently experiencing a wave of protests and strikes in response to neoliberal austerity measures taken by non-elected president of the Republic, Michel Temer, who took power after the coup, a parliamentary to remove the former president, Dilma Rousseff.

despite the condemnation of the phone-hacking scandal, the popularity of the President has rejected the development.

in the years since the removal of Rousseff that Brazil has undergone a period of study of “structural adjustment” in the form of austerity measures. In the last year, while the military budget has increased by 36 percent, and the cuts in the budgets of the agriculture reform, promotion of women, mitigation of climate change, the protection of the environment, indigenous rights and the rights of the child.


Brazil: the top of the meat, the company said Temer received bribes since 2010

Joesley Batista, the owner of Brazilian meat company JBS, the world thought that the current President is Michel Temer, had asked for and received bribes from the company since 2010.

Brazil already knew about Temer corrupt business relationships

Batista champion of the phone-hacking scandal the criminalization of the election of the Brazilian leader as the revelation of the Brazilian Attorney General’s office.

Batista claims that he has paid Temer nearly $ 1 billion for the single year 2010. Another $ 921,000, which is required by beat the President in 2012 to support Gabriel chalita try to become the municipality of São Paulo.

Batista has also said that during the impeachment proceedings against ousted former president, Dilma Rousseff, with Temer asked to pay more than$85,000 worth of political marketing, the online spending.

after the infamous recording of a conversation between Batista and Temer made public Thursday, analysts across the political spectrum may think that the President’s position at risk.

the Brazilians in the streets to demand Temer, of the new elections

Temer on several occasions that he does not intend to resign. On the contrary, it is considering a legal action against the owner of the JBS to strengthen its defence, Globo News reported.

In spite of the bribes extend for several years, Batista has also stated that Temer agreed to make Secret payments to Eduardo Cunha, the former President of Brazil’s Lower House of Representatives in order to silence embarrassing political secrets that could be damaging to the current government.

currently, sentenced to 15 years on charges of money laundering and tax evasion.


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