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After a long period of drought, bear-market funds attract buyers

After a long period of drought, moving of funds in the market to attract buyers

New York (Reuters) – bearish-floor investors slowly coming out of hibernation as the water began to turn in funds that aim to profit when markets dive.

U.S. investment funds that seek to profit in Bear markets the $ 413 million in new investments during the third quarter, the funds biggest inflows since the height of the 2013 “write more” sales, according to Thomson Reuters’ Morningstar Research Unit.

Thursday, the S&P 500 experienced 1 percent more than the 58 trading days, the CBOE volatility index .The VIX rose more than 44 percent, to bespoke Investment Group.

selling pressure in the stock follows a frustrating year-to-date floor landing investors, given that the S&P this 10.5 percent since December. 31 until the close on Wednesday. As of Thursday’s close, the 8.9 percent.

The markets this week was the appointment of the peace movement, after the United States and South Korea exchange threats. President Donald Trump said Thursday the previous promise of fire and wrath” in response to any threats from North Korea may not go far enough, pledging to “trouble” for the country if the sti shares do not change.

Brad Lamensdorf, portfolio manager of AdvisorShares case the shares of the ETF bear (HDGE.P) that he might lakes the demand for financing, driven in part by “people feel it’s time to talk.”

“they’re all a series of forward-looking view,” he said. The Fund targets stocks with low earnings quality gold potential accounting problem; it has attracted $ 20 million this year.

the demand for these funds comes after a long period of drought and remain a mere drop in the bucket within the Fund. Funds posted outflows nine of the past 15 quarters, according to Weber.

on the contrary, the local floor investment funds exchange-traded funds attracted $ 32 million this year, including profit on investment according to the investment company Institute trade.

the international demand for stocks and bonds was the most powerful investors try to contact again exposure to U. S. stocks without the expensive costs learn hedging strategies.

bear funds maintain a “net short exposure to equity, which aims to rise when markets case. The cost of making this bet, and rising markets helped the category to provide negative 13.5 percent return this year, according to lipper data through the beginning of August.

“it’s kind of become almost a cliche that this was the most hated bull market of all time and I have a hard time buying that,” said Doug Ramsey, chief investment officer of Leuthold Group LLC. M. M, which offers the company a bear fund, the grizzly short Fund (GRZZX.O).

police tactical funds in the recent low net equity exposure, but he said he could see another fresh higher before entering a real bear market.

“we’re looking for short-term withdrawal here,” he said.

many of the major asset managers perspective deposits in recent days.

Bridgewater associates LP’s ray a lot datio wrote on Thursday that “the forward-looking risk order now and don’t show the proper price.”

Ross oestrich in Blackrock, Inc. (BLK.N) note that this week’s firming of monetary policy in Europe and the United States-can cause political uncertainty to morph “from farce to tragedy” by shake the confidence of investors. Pacific Investment Management Company LLC. M. M portfolio managers mihir Worah, the Geraldine sundstrom said the U. S. stock popular and crowded.”

but some investors see moderate U.S. equity flows and enhance the demand for bearish funds and appropriate an indication that the market may have more room to run.

non-profit American Association of individual investors found that 36.1 percent of the investors they polled the market to rise in the next six months, 2 percentage points less than that measured historical average. To above average 32.1 percent of bearish investors.

“I don’t see this kind of activity that is usually known at the end of the cycle,” said Leon cooperman, CEO of hedge fund Omega advisors Inc. “I don’t see a meaning distinctive from the top.”

reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt; editing by Jennifer Ablan and Leslie Eagle.

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