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Barclays: only 11% of consumers are willing to pay $ 1000 or more to get a new iPhone

Barclays: only 11% of consumers are willing to pay $ 1000 or more to get a new iPhone

New information sent by Barclays to its customers and obtained by CNBC reveals that the price of the Apple iPhone this year may finally reach the point where consumers of language. The tenth anniversary of the model, called the Apple iPhone 8, and the beginning of the speculation has put the price up to $1,000-$1,200 on the phone. But the Bank’s survey shows that only 11% of the respondents to the Survey said that paying more than $ 1000 in cash to acquire the iPhone. Existing between the owners of the iPhone, 11%, and amounted to 18%.

while the survey numbers do not seem to bode well for the iPhone 8 sales, most of the interviewees said that they were willing to pay an amount up to 48.50 a month on 12 months payment. This means that the iPhone Upgrade Plan requires users to pay monthly over 12 months and trade in the iPhone to get the latest model, it can be an acceptable way for consumers to buy what will be the most expensive iPhone.

at least for 2017, most of the new features on the iPhone 8, such as the OLED panel, the edge-to-edge display and facial recognition that will be exclusive to the iPhone 8. It is the thing that consumers must understand. And to make this even more important. Last week, KGI securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the only 2 million to 4 million units of the iPhone 8 will be available to all. That can lead to these desperate to get a new iPhone for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

an optimistic information to be given by Barclays has revealed that 85% of the respondents are very well with the story even more money to get the latest generation of smart phones. This means that consumers have an understanding on how carrier subsidies which are used to protect against the high price of the phone. With the support is no longer available, consumers are aware that the new generation of phones is going to cost them a lot of money.

source: CNN

the Microsoft patent application shows the metallic surface of the phone’s Dual antenna

Since the beginning of the year, we have seen some patents from Microsoft that has been said to feature the legendary the surface of the phone. Latest research from the patent application published on Thursday, even if they are made with the Office of the united States in the month of February 2016. Patent of invention titled “device cover as an antenna of the device” shows metal built-in phone. As the title of the invention suggests that the metal cover serves as the antenna.

because the phone will be swung on the hinge placed in the center of the device, the users do not cause interference or “disagreement”, what happens when their hands touch the antenna during the process of the use of the phone. When this “disagreement”, the signal strength of the Domino falling and the problems complain that consumers are holding their phone incorrectly.

The man at the origin of the patent application, Antti Karilainen, is the antenna RF experts who have worked on a few portable antenna-based projects at Microsoft. It revolves around the use of different mobile antennas to the future of form factors.

so that the entire surface of the phone are subject to the radio silence from Redmond’s patent applications are telling a different story. Some believe that if there were a surface phone on the horizon, we can’t see it unveiled until the end of 2018-beginning of 2019.

source: web via MSPoweruser

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