Home In London, road closures and speeding up the pace of the stations for tomorrow's IAAF Walks

In London, road closures and speeding up the pace of the stations for tomorrow's IAAF Walks

In London, road closures and speeding up the pace of the stations for tomorrow's IAAF Walking

at the World Championship in athletics is not enough, wrapped now and for those who travel in and around London tomorrow, to be ready, as it is expected to be a few busy stations than usual, and closure of roads.

Tomorrow, August 13, will see the Race, Skating venues in the capital, as well as events in London Stadium Stratford,, and Transport for London (TfL), he warned, there could be some delays in the itinerary round St JaME’s Park and Westminster.

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several events take place while they’re on loop 2 km from the road between Buckingham Palace and Admiralty Arch).

is the next train station from the event, which can be employed:

  • Charing Cross
  • Waterfront
  • Green Park
  • St James’s Park.
  • Victoria
  • Westminster

road map
tickets for the Race Sunday Skiing (Source: TfL)

And TfL said there will be road closures around St James’s Park and the Mall.

06:00 Saturday, 12 August at 23:59 on Sunday, August 13, the following will be affected:

  • Shopping Mall (Trafalgar Square to Constitution hill)
  • Constitution Hill (starting with Duke of Wellington Place Shopping center)
  • Guards on horseback in the Road
  • No access To the Mall or Constitution hill and a Fork in the road

the Cage, Legs, open living room, while traffic Buckingham Gate can make a loop around the Branches in the Cage to Go in the direction of Parliament Square.

How good of these roads will be closed tomorrow from 05:00 to 23:59:

  • Great George Street (Parliament Square to Buckingham Gate, including Birdcage Walk)
  • Fork in the Road (Buckingham Gate Birdcage Walk)
  • Buckingham Gate (confirm)

How about other events for the capital, services and Stratford and a key to the station swap also needs to be more busy than usual while buses go via Stratford may take more time than usual.

TfL said these services will be busier than usual for about two hours before and after each session, and those who go should plan to allow more time for their movements.

today, session 10:00-14:15 and 17:30-22:00, so tomorrow they will be from 07:55-17:15 in Central London, and from 18:30 to 21:45.

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BAH it was a strike, stand-off: Union warns of legal during the day

the bitter dispute involving cabin crew British Airways shows no signs of slowing down still, after Unite warned of the continuation of judicial actions, and increased costs of the carrier’s Charter with crew aircraft BA not to participate in the costs of the action.

Union members to work as crew for BA joint fleet, both long and short distances, held a strike for over 60 days so far, in the line on wages and punishing workers on strike, with the update last week that cancelling will continue throughout the month of August.

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to Join the agent of the national police Oliver Richardson said yesterday:

It will cost British Airways a pittance compared to him, the net profit to resolve the dispute.

still the company insists on spending millions on rent-to crew of the aircraft and the point of attachment on attorney fees to protect low wages and punish workers on poverty pay.

Our members are clear in their definition. We call for British Airways to get to the negotiating table and hammer to the resolution of the dispute in order to avoid disruption and financial costs to continue the strike.

the Union said legal action in the interests of mixed fleet crew, he said, was punished for the strike, including the removal of bonuses and incentives and travel concessions.

– BA, however, reiterated its position, announced earlier this month when Unite announced that the strike was put forward in August on vacation in the Bank.

a spokesman for the company said:

More than three months to Unite and I agree that our pay agreement was acceptable, but after that refused to ballot their members.

We took a big step suggesting a return of staff travel for crew members who were strike, which was the largest unresolved issue in the dispute, in order to bring the dispute to end.

Unite has decided to decline the offer and continues with an unnecessary strike.

BA continued to promise that all guests will be delivered to the destination despite the strike. For the latest instalment of the displacement – August 2 is open until next Tuesday, the airline ” provided to operate its normal flight schedule on short distance and from Heathrow, the installation time with Qatar Airways “to steal a small number of these services on our behalf”.

pour a small amount of Heathrow services, but she was leasing aircraft and crews of airline “Qatar Airways” to provide strike cover.

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