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Uber fraud before the scandal, faces a battle 'destructive' lawsuit

Uber fraud before the scandal, faces a battle 'destructive' lawsuit

San Francisco (Reuters) – ride service company uber faces a divided board and angry shareholders, after investors benchmark capital filed a lawsuit against the company ousted CEO Travis kalanick dealing another blow to the song is still the same as it struggles to recover from a series of scandals and hire a new leader.

in the morning of Friday, three uber investor demand on the liquidation of the sti shares the development of uber Technologies Inc [uber.UL] the Board, according to an email published by the news site, the axios and confirmed by Reuters.

until Friday the members of the Board of Directors feel an email to uber staff expressing their disappointment with the reference of the lawsuit, according to a copy of the memo obtained by Reuters.

“The Board is disappointed that the dispute between the shareholders led to the litigation,” the managers wrote. “The Council urges all parties to resolve this issue collaboratively and quickly and the Council take steps to facilitate that process.”

The standard in a lawsuit filed Thursday that seeks to force Kalanick outside the Council and accuse him hide a range of sins and scheming to retain power in the company even after he had to resign as chief executive in June.

standard between uber investors in June of the pressure Kalanick on development after a series of setbacks.

investor shervin pishevar of Sherpa capital, Ron burkle of the yucaipa companies Adam the liver and Angel investor who works in the music company Maverick on Friday wrote an e-mail message to the shareholders and the members of the Board of Directors the invitation to the camp to remove himself from the Board of Directors of the company and Recruit enough of the stock so that you no longer have the right additional board seats.

Image File: uber’s logo is seen on the screen in Singapore on August 4, 2017.Thomas white /file photo

“we have investors willing to get thesis shares as soon as we receive communication of the signal they’re ready to withdraw from the mass of their case and sell a minimum of 75 percent of the holdings of their” e-mail, according to axios.

Reuters email confirmation with a source close to one of the investors. Three investors of the crossings could not be reached for comment.

division and hostility emerging between the uber investor and management opens a new front in an unusual public Battle of Silicon Valley. It is rare for the project company to sue the central figure of the value of the portfolio company, and equally unexpected for investors to take a step against the expulsion of fellow investors women the same company.

Sean track, Berkeley and liver-are not members of the Board of Directors-said the s lawsuit hurt Ī s of the evaluation, incompatible with the fund-raising efforts and return the company’s search for a new Chief Executive to replace Kalanick.

s tactics “ethically questionable, are extremely value destructive rather than value-enhancing investors, wrote in an e-mail message, according to axios.

e-mail from the Board of directions, which was signed by Yasser al Rumayyan Ryan graves, Arianna Huffington, WAN Ling Martello, David Trujillo. Missing was the signature of Kalanick and measure Board Member Matt Cohler. Staff confirmed that there are “several” outstanding” candidate for the CEO job.

one uber investor Reuters reported that Kalanick continued role in complex corporate CEO, search out some good candidates.

reporting by Heather Somerville; editing by Lisa Shumaker and Leslie Eagle.

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