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The Albanian company XVI 4 tons of pot, arrest 3

The Albanian company XVI 4 tons of hashish and the arrest of 3

Albanian authorities say they have arrested three people while the seizure of four tons of cannabis.

Rebani Jaupi, senior company officials on Thursday that four tons of narcotics were seized in a house in flora is about 150 kilometers (90 miles) to the south-west of the capital Tirana.

In a statement the Prosecutor’s office, said the “significant” range followed for the investigation concerning the recently arrested a drug trafficker in nearby Italy.

Albanian authorities have this year a series of seizures of cannabis in remote areas along the coast, or on the outer edges. Cannabis is usually smuggled to the neighbouring states of Greece and Italy.

Prime Minister Eddie Rama pledged to get our list of cannabis-producing countries before the end of this year.

The sons of slain journalist call to Malta leader's resignation

The sons of slain investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia called the Maltese prime minister to resign.

A Facebook post Thursday, they said, Joseph Muscat, to political responsibility “not to respect our freedom.”

Sons, Matthew, Andrew, Paul Caruana Galizia said she did not endorse the hometown call bonus leads to their mother’s killers, saying “We are not interested in justice without exchange.”

“We don’t want a criminal conviction, just for the people in the government offices of this murder to turn around and say that justice has been done”.

Caruana Galizia, a harsh critic of Muscat, who reported extensively on corruption in Malta, who was killed in a car bomb explosion on Monday.

Her children’s books to identify their mother’s killers was not enough. Corruption in the Mediterranean island nation need to be rooted, they said.

Muscat has denounced the assassination, has proposed a reward to find her killers.

On Thursday, about 200 journalists heroes event in support of the slaughter of the press.

The group representing the press at the Institute of Maltese journalists – has filed a lawsuit seeking to guarantee source confidentiality on all data that are uploaded by Caruana Galizia computers and mobile phones during the investigation.

Investigators, meanwhile, was looking at the similarities with other car bombs in Malta, over the past two years, six in all including Caruana Galizia. Nothing has been resolved.

Train police Commissioner John Rizzo told the Malta independent that it seems that mobile dawn of the explosives used in all of the six bombings since the beginning of the year 2016, causing four deaths and two serious injuries. Previous victims known to the police, the paper said.

“Very few people can build such a bomb. Instructions can be obtained online for the purpose of building such a device may still require a certain degree of skill” Rizzo.

Investigators did not comment on the identity of the explosive used in the journaliste”s murder, but experts say any military grade explosive, such as semtex are not available in Malta and had to be brought in from abroad.

Hometown motive failure to solve a series of car bombings as he left Parliament on Wednesday night. Including the past six, there were more than 30 in the last 15 years on the island.

“I will continue to defend the institutions I am firm believers in the institutions”.

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