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The U. S. Court of Appeals refuses to accuse cosby's attempt to revive the defamation follows

The U. S. Court of Appeals refuses to accuse cosby's attempt to revive a defamation case

Boston (Reuters) – a federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected an attempt to revive a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby by a representative of said artist rape in 1974 and then called her a liar after she made her accusations public in a newspaper interview.

in the lawsuit filed by Katherine McKee revolve around the letter to my lawyer cosby feel “the New York Daily News” in the 2014 wave of women, which means ” forward to accuse the comedian of a series of sexual assaults dating back to the 1960’s.

Statute of limitations on the alleged crimes has expired a long time ago, prompting some of the accused to pursue civil claims, such as Mackey. Lawsuits and accusations by dozens of women broke the family friendly reputation of the cosby built a career highlighted by his role in the 1980s TV hit “the cosby show”

cosby, 80, has denied the injustice, says any encounters with his accusers were consensual. Is waiting for the April trial, Pennsylvania, on charges he sexually assaulted a former basketball coach at his alma mater, Temple University.

Maki of force in her steps that the attorney letter to the newspaper called him a liar by saying the article “defamatory, characterizing the allegations as “monstrous”, which indicates they have a criminal record.

1 U. S. Circuit Court of appeals in Boston, stood the Court of First Instance ruling that the artist can’t be sued to the letter.

reading and found that Maki had made herself a public figure by going into the table with cosby, refusing her claim that the argument is not with the artist being a special one. As a public figure, Mackey to prove that cosby acted with malice in his response.

“network sexual assault allegations of the involvement of the cosby show internationally renowned comedian referred to as” America’s dad,’ constitutes a public controversy,” U.S. circuit judge Sandra Lynch wrote for the three judges.

William Salo, Mackey’s lawyer said he did not agree with the decision of the appeal.

“they say just because a famous person grated you become a public figure if you doubt of it,” he said.

Alan Grinberg, a lawyer cosby, welcomed and reasoned decision confirming that there is no defamation.”

Mackey filed a lawsuit against cosby in 2015 after a year Nevada resident newspaper assassination in Detroit, hotel room in 1974.

reporting by Nate Raymond; editing by Scott Malone and Peter Cooney

ed sheeran 'bruised and broken' After the incident, without his uncertain

London (Reuters) – singer ed sheeran said he was “slightly bruised and broken” on Wednesday where he was recovering from a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken wrist, elbow, rib, led to the cancellation of shows on the Asian leg of his tour.

sheeran, 26, the full cast on one arm and a sling on the other arm as he walked on the red carpet at London’s Q Music Awards.

“I’m a little bruised and broken but I’m fine,” the singer told Reuters. “I’ve had a bike accident and broke my wrist, broke my elbow, broke a rib … I’ll be fine.”

sheeran added that the future does not “split” World Tour, which is “up to (my) manager and agent.”

the singer said on Instagram after this week he sufferedEd fractures to the wrist and elbow and was not able to perform live concerts in the near future.” Injury she was forced to cancel tour dates in Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong until now.

sheeran went to the Wednesday awards with three nominated and won the award for Best act in the world today. The annual ceremony, hosted by Britain’s Q magazine celebrates the musical talent.

reporting by Edward Baran Reuters TV; editing by B. Sinha-Roy and Andrew hay

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