Home After 28 years of the école polytechnique de Montréal, the women continue to fight against the violence

After 28 years of the école polytechnique de Montréal, the women continue to fight against the violence

After 28 years of the école polytechnique de Montréal, the women continue to fight against violence,

twenty-eight years, in December 6, 1989, Canada experienced one of the greatest national tragedies in its history. As the students were finishing the last day of classes at the École des Arts Appliqués in Montreal, Quebec, a man was walking in the handling of a ruger Mini-14 submachine gun.

in the March protest to eliminate violence against women

after the professor and the students of the women that Marc lepine went on a murder that has claimed the lives of 14 female while injuring 10 other women and four men. He killed himself thereafter.

Ben’s words, his intentions in what remains Canada’s worst mass shooting. all of this is very clear: “we are a group of feminists, I hate feminists.”

he soon discovered that the next which is bent on the murder of women – the women – including those who had never met. His slate to consult a group of leading QC who has been described as a ”  goals in a misogynistic campaign of mass murder.

on the 6th of December From now on became the National holiday to commemorate the violence against the violence against women. 1989 massacre mentioned by feminists to be an extreme example of violence against women is required to cope with everyday life, has become a cry Against Gender-Based violence.

The law on rape, which is strengthened, while that of the parliamentary commission on status of women a report blasting the male intimate partner and macho attacks on the rights of women, entitled “The War on women.”

speaking of Guangzhou in China, the Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Trudeau participated in a candle lighting ceremony on Wednesday at the Consulate of Canada in honor of the National Day of remembrance and action on Violence Against Women.

Trudy had noted the way in which this “has no meaning heinous act of violence” was “a terrible reminder of what can happen when hatred and misogyny prevail”, stressing the need to do more to prevent gender-based violence.

“This means that the evaluation of the voices of women and girls, and to fight injustice and inequalities that the most vulnerable women who are most at risk of violence and break the culture that rejects the value of the woman – from the Studios of Hollywood to the corridors of Parliament”.

but the research on this topic is still on the horizon wholesale in Canada and abroad. According to many a poll published this year, 53 percent of all women and 82% of women victims of sexual harassment. Among aboriginal women and women of color and those citing sexual harassment surveyed is much higher. In Ontario alone, 32 women killed by their intimate partners so far this year.

“after nearly 50 years of feminism, the classification of the patriarchal system and the most powerful tools – the misogyny and gender-based violence – still alive and well, ” says marked between the author Judy Rebick in a blog post published on rabble. 

“if we have a doubt, look at south of the border, in the UNITED states), wishes to confirm, but there is a massive uprising against the powerful men to exploit women, it is something new.”/p>

how the three butterflies defeated a brutal dictator 

Canada is the leader of the struggle for the rights of women to flourish Pack, proof  the platform of Québec, of the Fédération des femmes. Include 300 women’s groups, he hopes to “dismantle and eliminate the classification of the patriarchal and other systems of oppression or domination that have become tangled, such as capitalism, racism and imperialism, heterogeneity, nationality, and colonialism.”

in Montreal, abut two dozen people have held a sad understanding in the events of 1989 in Wednesday morning near the plaque at école Polytechnique commemorating the victims of the famine.

“it is with the presence of these women and of all women who have been in engineering prior to that that we are able to study,” said Industrial Engineering student Plano mag-Beland after the ceremony, the Canadian Press has reported. “These are the women who cleared the path.”

in the morning, the celebrations have begun today’s events on the occasion of the sad 28-year-old, which advocates hope can bring increased attention to the invasion of the attitudes towards women.

The school, the first woman Civil Engineering graduate, Michelle Thibodeau-Deguire, saw the aftermath of the shooting, when the scene is what spontaneously flooded with  white roses.

“it was something that had just come out; people just wanted to show how she felt”  Thibodeau-Deguire now. the President of the school board. “And every year the white rose, here, at the door of the Applied Arts.”

Memorial University include the grant of an annual student engineering products and the sale of white roses to help fund science camp for underprivileged girls. “Terrible thing, a beautiful thing came out, ” said Thibodeau-Deguire.

The key to peace, the Colombian law has failed: the Senate

the legislative measures to support the peace process in Colombia, in providing victims with seats in the house of Representatives has failed, the Senate President stressed.

peace process in colombia “could be delayed a year’

the President of colombia Juan Manuel Santos confirmed last week the ratification of the reservation of seats of the house of representatives for conflict zones, arguing that 50 to vote in favour of the formation of the majority of electors, because three members of the Senate are in prison, and the members of the Senate from 102 to 99.

but late Wednesday, the Senate President efrain cepeda said that the government’s position of what is “inappropriate” and pointed out that the draft law 16 seats provided for the victims of 52 years of armed conflict was adopted, El Tiempo reports.

cepeda told the government’s argument on the existence of only 99 members of the Senate, this is not true, and that the final vote of 50 fur short of the necessary 51. “The draft legislative acts must be approved by an absolute majority,” he said.

until now, only two of the elements of the legislation has been officially approved: judicial protection for the peace process, the Special Court for peace. Ten projects so far does not appear on the agenda of the Congress.

with the bills provide up to eight million victims, and 16 other zones represent areas that have long been ignored by the government and which are overrun by drug-fueled violence.

the conservative hard-right parties, however, opposed the bill, saying it could open the Member of parliament for the crime groups or the revolutionary Armed Forces of political party, who has obtained the invoices as part of the transition to the political arena.

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