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The key to peace, the Colombian legislation fails: the Senate

The key to peace, the Colombian law has failed: the Senate

the legislative measures to support the peace process in Colombia, in providing victims with seats in the house of Representatives failed, the Senate President stressed.

peace process in colombia “could be delayed a year’

the President of colombia Juan Manuel Santos confirmed last week the ratification of the reservation of seats of the house of representatives for conflict zones, arguing that 50 to vote in favour of the formation of the majority of electors, because three members of the Senate are in prison, and the members of the Senate from 102 to 99.

but late Wednesday, the Senate President efrain cepeda said that the government’s position of what is “inappropriate” and pointed out that the draft law 16 seats provided for the victims of 52 years of armed conflict was adopted, El Tiempo reports.

cepeda told the government’s argument on the existence of only 99 members of the Senate, this is not true, and that the final vote of 50 fur short of the necessary 51. “The draft legislative acts must be approved by an absolute majority,” he said.

until now, only two of the elements of the legislation has been officially approved: judicial protection for the peace process, the Special Court for peace. Ten projects so far does not appear on the agenda of the Congress.

with the bills provide up to eight million victims, and 16 other zones represent areas that have long been ignored by the government and which are overrun by drug-fueled violence.

the conservative hard-right parties, however, opposed the bill, saying it could open the Member of parliament for the crime groups or the revolutionary Armed Forces of political party, who has obtained the invoices as part of the transition to the political arena.

'step forward': Bolivia eases legal restrictions on abortion

the Bolivian lawmakers    further easing of restrictions on abortion in the new legislation, the sweep in fierce opposition of  the religious right.

Bolivia is closer to the legalization of abortion in cases of rape, poverty,

Wednesday,  the Legislative Assembly voted to allow “students, teenagers, or young girls” on abortion until the eighth week of pregnancy. Not age restriction on the mothers specified,  but he is of the opinion that the new law aims to help young girls under the age of 17 years.

President Evo Morales has said that he will sign the measure, despite the influx of the wrath of the Catholic church and the Evangelical Churches through the .

the Health Minister Ariana campero listed to abortion is the third leading cause of maternal mortality in Bolivia, which indicates that more than 80, 000 clandestine abortions are performed each year.

“it is not safe”. “This is their cause, with herbs, or in secret places. This is the reason why this fix helps considerably.”

“@Bolivian Senate has approved the Article of Article 157 (abortion), the draft law #criminal justice system in the station details.'”

even now, abortion    when the woman’s life is in danger in the event of a malfunction of the foetus or in cases of rape or incest.

the women’s groups celebrated the move: Monica Novillo Manager, coordinator of the organization of women through his Twitter account: “our request is the criminalization! (It). Progress in the context of the conservative attack on them continue to move towards Decemberriminalization.”

Elizabeth Salguero, a politician within the ruling party, the movement for socialism Party of the new laws are “a big step forward for the sexual and reproductive rights.”

The religious right, however, has  the threat of mobilizing. Some critics of the organization of a hunger strike, while others are planning a protest march.

Bolivia, the eyes of the legalization of abortion for women in extreme poverty

speaking on behalf of a national anti-abortion movement Luis Aruquipa said that this procedure is designed to “promote Genocide.”

In May, Bolivia has begun to talk about another law that would loosen abortion restrictions. Section 152 would amend the Criminal Code to criminalize abortion when the mother in a state of extreme poverty or who do not have sufficient resources to support the child; if she already has three or more children,  or if they are still in training.

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